Mario Collection: 5 lesser-known gems we’d love to see remastered

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Super Mario 64 DS
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Super Mario 64 DS (2004)

I know! You were probably expecting Super Mario 64 to be in the collection. It’s expected. But this is the DS version. While not talked about as much as its original counterpart, in a lot of ways, and don’t kill me for this, the DS version was superior (especially if you got the play the Wii U remake of the DS remake of the 64 game).

Super Mario 64 DS had all the stages and areas of the original along with the legendary music. But it added something brand new in the fact that you have four playable characters, each with their own abilities.

Mario could do his Mario thang, jumping on enemies, occasionally throwing on some wings and flying around. Luigi had crazy hops and could turn invisible which would allow him to sneak past enemies and occasionally walk through certain things like mesh. Wario was a little bit slower and couldn’t jump as high but he could turn into metal and walk at the bottom of the ocean and weigh things down. And Yoshi had a bit more of a flutter jump and could breathe fire.

In addition to the new characters, new enemies and new stages, the game also got a beautiful graphical overhaul and a huge collection of very fun unlockable minigames including a bizarre one where you get to play Blackjack against a very sharply dressed Luigi. Give me all of it.