WWE 2K Battlegrounds actually looks like a fun wrestling game

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A trailer for WWE 2K Battlegrounds shows off some arcade wrestling action.

Following the atrocity that was WWE 2K20, 2K announced a few months ago that it would forego releasing a new realistic wrestling simulation this year in order to give Visual Concepts the time needed to create a game that’s up to the standards of wrestling fans. In lieu of WWE 2K21 this year, we’re instead getting WWE 2K Battlegrounds, an arcade-style brawler with cartoony graphics and over-the-top action.

I don’t think anyone saw this coming when it was first announced and the initial trailer was met with some major blowback. Honestly though, looking at the gameplay, I don’t think it looks too bad for what it is.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a very casual wrestling fan. I used to watch it religiously during the Attitude Era but now I just follow the headlines and watch the occasional big match. I’m certainly not representative of the people who purchase the WWE 2K games.

That said, WWE 2K Battlegrounds is exactly the type of game for a person like me; a casual just looking to jump into the ring and have a good time. That’s all WWE 2K Battlegrounds looks like — a zany, over-the-top wrestling game.

I mean, in the latest trailer shown during the Nintendo Direct Mini, we literally see Jeff Hardy fed to a crocodile outside the ring. It’s exactly the type of ridiculous fun that could draw interest. It’s mindless wrestling action.

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Developed by Saber Interactive, WWE 2K Battlegrounds is essentially the wrestling version of NBA 2K Playgrounds, an arcade-style basketball game. Like NFL Blitz or NBA Playgrounds or even THQ’s WWE All Stars, this game is simply meant to entertain. To that end, if the gameplay is polished, I could see myself having a good time with it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m well aware wrestling fans would prefer a more realistic simulation but I think this hiatus is a necessary one. I’d rather Visual Concepts get the time needed to ensure we don’t have another WWE 2K20 on our hands. By no means is WWE 2K Battlegrounds a permanent solution for wrestling fans but it looks like a fun spinoff for the time being.

Don’t take it too seriously and I think it could be an enjoyable experience. I mean, who doesn’t want to smack someone with a motorcycle as Stone Cold Steve Austin, the baddest wrestler of all-time?