Paper Mario: The Origami King review: Beautiful but flawed

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Paper Mario: The Origami King review
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There are quite a few nitpicks that I had with the game that did not earn there own section of the review: the story is predictable as can be; the game constantly stops you to explain things you can see that are clear as day; the game constantly tells rather then shows; the animations are too simple, and the items are pointless.

However, there is a ton of praise that just barely did not get its own section but is worthy of mentioning: the comedy writing is often smart, balancing both ironic humor with well thought of commentary (there is a parody of Shinto culture early in the game that I found especially funny); the game’s tone is just fun and often kept me smiling; the darker themes of assimilation and conformity are interesting in the earlier parts of the game).

Overall Paper Mario: The Origami King is just a confusing game to review; so much of the game is incredibly delightful and made for a good time, but the parts of the game that just do not work are atrociously bad. Unfortunately, those parts drag down a good portion of the game.

. Paper Mario: The Origami King. 6.5. As is the case with <em>Paper Mario: The Origami King</em>, Nintendo’s ability to make consistently beautiful games will almost always manage to keep their scores above average; but, their recent refusal to make a game that does not insist on dragging the player through extremely easy gameplay, holding the player’s hand the entire time, will continue to keep their score low. This is not even mentioning the abysmal battle system.. Nintendo

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