Paper Mario: The Origami King – A parent’s review

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A top-notch family experience

Paper Mario: The Origami King might be a little harder for younger kids to read and comprehend everything and nigh impossible for a kid who can’t read to play on his own. But as a family experience, it’s top-notch.

It’s filled with really fun moments that can get everyone watching excitedly. Damian, for example, enjoyed how it actually showed how a lot of these characters were folded like this giant turtle boss.

Whereas Malcolm enjoyed helping me find Toads and these holes in the world that you need to cover with graffiti to fix.

As for the humor, it reminds me a lot of Animaniacs. There’s a lot of stuff for kids to enjoy, like simple fart jokes, bug jokes and the occasional gibberish.

But also there’s a ton of humor for older adults to appreciate. Whether it’s an origami princess making Outkast references, comments about capitalism or it’s constant poking of hipsters.

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All in all, Paper Mario: The Origami King is really fun and it’s a blast to play with your kids. It’s fun on its own but having the kids nearby and listening to them reacting to the events… unfold… gave this game in a two-dimensional world a whole new dimension and I loved it.