Warframe: Tennocon 2020 predictions and what we know

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Hopeful: Dedicated servers

Everyone who has played Warframe has experienced the notorious “Host Migration” pop-up in a mission before. Back then, you would lose all the things you earned in a mission and it was just a really bad feeling, especially in the longer missions. DE has since fixed issues where drops were lost, but it still has many glaring issues at hand. On defense or survival missions, the clock keeps rolling even if you’re on a loading screen, meaning defense objectives can be attacked or life support drops. Sometimes, other players who aren’t even the host get booted out of the game session entirely.

Even though it is highly unlikely it will not come, I would hope for better or dedicated servers to be a thing. Relays have dedicated servers, so I think it’s time for players in missions to be put into dedicated ones as well. One laggy host shouldn’t ruin the Warframe experience for the rest of their teammates. This goes beyond dropped connections too. Sometimes doors won’t open, abilities may bug out, and weapon switching becomes an issue too. These are almost always issues because of a laggy host.

The only way to really put a small bandage on this issue is to either play alone or set your matchmaking ping limit to the smallest limit to weed out any potentially laggy hosts. Dedicated servers will also make opting out of endless missions and free roam areas much less of a hassle.