Warframe: Tennocon 2020 predictions and what we know

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Possibility: Talks of next-gen/ cross-play/ cross-save

Last year when Steve Sinclair started to set the stage for the Empyrean demo at TennoCon, he kept talking about keeping players connected. I really thought he was going to announce that cross-play was going to be a thing, but then it wasn’t. It was upsetting, but understandable.

Nowadays with games like Apex Legends and the recently released Rocket Arena being cross-play, it’s definitely adding more pressure to the developers to do something about it. Even Warframe’s long-time rival Destiny 2 is set to get the feature some time in 21 at the earliest. It’s a long way ahead for them, but it’s definitely adding to that pressure for Digital Extremes to respond to.

Nothing is set in stone, but in many devstreams, Prime Time streams, and console streams, it has been said that “they are looking into more of a cross-save feature” rather than a cross-play feature. If that’s the case, this might only be a console-side feature given that Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo all get their updates at the same time while PC is ahead by a few weeks to a month at most. At least this is better than nothing, but it still feels rather limiting, especially when the next-generation of consoles is on the horizon.

The team has to answer a lot of questions regarding this new generation of consoles too. Will Warframe be a launch title for next-generation systems? Will a player’s progress on the PS4 transfer over if they buy the PS5? Will players on the older generation consoles be able to play with those on next-gen consoles? How will cross saving work? How will exclusive items transfer over (ex. An Xbox One player with Prestige Pack items playing on a Nintendo Switch)?