Warframe: Tennocon 2020 predictions and what we know

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Possibility: The return of raids

This has been in the talks in all Warframe-related forums for quite some time now. Raids should be in the talks now more than ever, given that Steve Sinclair himself wrote it on his now notorious whiteboard. In his list of reworks, Sinclair jotted down “Prime Trailer”, “Raids back”, “Kingpin”, and “Lore”. We already have the latter two, and a Prime Trailer only seems like something temporary, but not striking enough to reel in huge reactions.

The Law of Retribution and the Jordas Verdict were conceptually great and much more cooperatively oriented than the rest of the game’s content, so they were fun to play while they lasted. Of course, they came with their own problems mostly in terms of performance and connection. Warframe connects players peer-to-peer, meaning that if your host has a faulty connection or leaves for any reason, the whole team is disbanded more than half the time.

On the console side, especially as the game’s graphics are enhanced periodically, having a team of four players starts taking a toll on the frame rate. These raids— or Trials as they were formally known as— could be played as a party up to eight players to a minimum of four. It was a rarity for a whole raid squad higher than five players to all make it to the end without some disconnects or resets along the way because of any of the aforementioned issues.