Warframe: Tennocon 2020 predictions and what we know

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Debuting the community-created ‘Broken Frame’ and its abilities, along with possibly early concepts for new Warframes

The release of a new Warframe always generates hype. Will that new frame shake up the meta? How will we customize it? Will it top Wisp in terms of how much fanart is created for it? How will we acquire it? What’s the lore behind it? As for future Warframes to come to the game, we only know what its theme will be. Abilities haven’t been finalized and we just have concept art made by a talented user named Eornheit.

We just got Protea last month, being the 43rd frame in the game (excluding primes and Excalibur Umbra). To top it off, we just got Inaros Prime too, so where do we go from there? Here’s to hoping that the creative team at Digital Extremes maintains consistency on their frame themes because as of late, they’re all very unique and fun, even Grendel despite having a subpar ability kit.

Even if the team has nothing that can be shown in a dev build, maybe some concept art or being open to community ideas like the Broken Frame can be really interesting. Last year, everything lined up perfectly. Gauss and Grendel were on the horizon of releasing and Wukong Prime was out the same day as Tennocon.