Warframe: Tennocon 2020 predictions and what we know

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More cosmetics

If there’s anything the Warframe community prides itself on is its plethora of customization items to choose from. From shoulder pads, capes, knee guards, shin guards, capes, cloaks, infested growths, wings, and so on, the game seems to have endless combinations to deck out your frames and even your operators with.

It isn’t a surprise either that there will be new TennoGen rounds showcased. These have become very popular among the community and spotlight the several talented people outside of Digital Extremes who are very devoted to the community. The TennoGen skins go beyond just for Warframes too; now we can customize our weapons with certain skins. It made Zaws and Kitguns more cosmetically pleasing too.

Perhaps the TennoGen customizations can go further and allow creators to design cosmetics for sentinels and pets. That’s the speculative part, but if you can customize your playable self with so many parts, why can’t some of the customizations come to our pals? The Trinity and Khora deluxe sets came with really awesome gear for our pets to wear, so it would be the perfect time to extend the fashion frame there.

On the Digital Extremes side, though, fans always want more deluxe skins. The most recent one being Khora truly was aesthetically pleasing, but who is next? Mirage? Hydroid? Zephyr? Baruuk? Hildryn? Hopefully, those frames get some love.