The ideal cast for a live-action Metroid movie

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Samus Aran - Brie Larson
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Samus Aran – Brie Larson

Speculation for a Metroid movie has been around since the 90s, but thanks to some posts on Twitter a couple of years ago, it will be very difficult to see a Metroid film get made without casting Academy Award Winner Brie Larson as Samus Aran. Her recent experience as Captain Marvel not only shows that she can draw an audience while starring in the main role, but she’s also proven that she now has the action hero chops that embody the space bounty hunter’s character.

As mentioned earlier, for the purposes of this article, this theoretical film plot is mainly based on Metroid: Zero Mission, which itself is an enhanced remake of the original NES Metroid. In Metroid: Zero Mission, Samus is given an assignment by the Galactic Federation to attack the Space Pirates established a base on the planet Zebes. As anyone familiar with the franchise knows, Samus ultimately succeeds in her mission, though her adventures fighting the Space Pirates and the Metroid menace are far from over (creating obvious sequel potential).

Larson’s turn in Captain Marvel shows that she will have no problem holding her own as the brave and fierce Samus. It also doesn’t hurt that Captain Marvel is very similar to Samus Aran in many ways, especially in being a lone warrior who takes on the biggest cosmic threats in space. In other words, Larson is tailor-made for this role, though other Marvel alum like Karen Gillan could also fit the role of Samus quite well.