Super Smash Bro. Ultimate: First Impressions with Min Min

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Min Min is a fun but complex fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Today is the first day of the new Fighters Pass 2 in Super Smash Bro. Ultimate. With it comes the release of the newest character, ARMS fighter Min Min.

Min Min was a surprise addition to the game but sports one of the cooler aesthetic looks. Plus it’s nice to see Fighters Pass 2 start off with a female character as Fighters Pass 1 was pretty much male-only, not counting the Piranha Plant and the female option for Byleth.

Going into the game I decided to run her through classic mode and see how she controls.

Her classic mode is kind of fun. It’s mostly hand-to-hand fighters like Donkey Kong, Little Mac, and Mii Brawlers dressed like Spring Boy and Spring Girl. Each stage showcases some of the new songs added to the game alongside her.

As for her controls, she’s definitely a different feel than a traditional Smash fighter with a large learning curve. At the start of the match, she starts with a Dragon ARMS on her left arm and a RamRam on the other. Her down special allows her to change her right arm from the RamRam to a second Dragon to a Megawatt.

Having a second dragon arm might look neat but it’s one of the clunkier ones to use. If you want the head to breathe fire you need to hold down the attack button a second time after you’ve already thrown the punch. Until you get used to it, you will forget constantly.

The RamRam, shown below, is an awesome one because not only does it have the highest range and speed, but you throw the RamRam like a boomerang at the end increasing its vertical range. It’s great for keeping opponents, like this giant Donkey Kong, at bay.

My favorite, against the computer at least, is the Megawatt. The Megawatt is a giant heavy orb capable of generating electricity. It’s slow, and has the least amount of range but oh man if it connects. I punched a 0% Sonic with the Megawatt fully charged and sent him flying away with 40.5% to think about. In fact, at the end of classic mode, you can use the Megawatt against the final boss, shown below, to make INCREDIBLY short work of it if you just stand at its feet and punch away.

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All in all, Min Min is a fun but very complex character to learn and play with in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Personally, I feel like she’s out of my league but I think if someone takes the time to master her, there’s going to be some incredibly baffling wins come the next tournament.