TFT 10.13 best team comps: Brawler Rebel with Jinx and Aurelion Sol

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Brawler Rebel with Jinx and Aurelion Sol carries is a strong team comp for TFT patch 10.13.

Following the release of TFT patch 10.13, we’re breaking down the strongest champions and best team comps for Set 3.5. As of the latest patch, one of the most consistent comps is Brawler Rebel with a Jinx and Aurelion Sol as carries. This composition is recommended by professional TFT player C9 k3soju.


At its core, the comp features four Brawlers plus three Rebels. This is a pretty flexible composition but the strategy remains the same. You want to build a solid frontline of carries with Jinx and Aurelion Sol as your primary carries.

The composition looks like this:

  • Malphite (1g) – Brawler/Rebel
  • Blitzcrank (2g) – Brawler/Chrono
  • Vi (3g) – Brawler/Cybernetic
  • Gnar (4g) – Brawler/Astro
  • Jinx (4g) – Rebel/Blaster
  • Aurelion Sol (5) – Rebel/Starship

With these seven champions, you get the four Brawler trait which grants all Brawlers +600 maximum health. If you have Jinx, Malphite and Aurelion Sol, each Rebel will gain a shield and bonus damage (150 shield and 10% damage).


You’ll want to prioritize your items for Jinx and Aurelion Sol. Ziggs is a good item holder for Aurelion Sol early game. And then you can throw in a Fizz for mid game (or possibly late game if you can’t find an Asol).


  • Giant Slayer (BF Sword + Recurve Bow)
  • Last Whisperer (Sparring Gloves + Recurve Bow)
  • Red Buff (Giant’s Belt + Chain Vest)
  • Infinity Edge (BF Sword + Sparring Gloves)
  • Rapid Firecannon (Recurve Bow + Recurve Bow)

Aurelion Sol:

  • Morellonomicon (Needlessly Large Rod + Giant’s Belt
  • Luden’s Echo (Needlessly Large Rod + Tear of the Goddess)

Other itemization options include:

  • Vi: Ionic Spart (Negatron Cloak + Needlessly Large Rod)
  • Gnar: Frozen Heart (Chain Vest + Tear of the Goddess)

I like to put more defensive items on Gnar (like Dragon’s Claw or Bramble Vest), but as long as he is able to ult in a fight, you should survive long enough to protect Jinx.


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You’ll want to get to Level 8 as quickly as possible (by 4-3). You want to get a Jinx fast but she’s really best if you can 2-star her. If you can’t find Aurelion Sol, another good option is a Fizz (as an item holder) and Zed combination. I’ve used Ziggs before but he falls off late game.

If you are level 8 and have an Asol, then you’ll want to throw in Ezreal for the Chrono and Blaster Buff. Lulu and Soraka are good options to round out your team.

Jinx and Aurelion Sol are two of the strongest carries in the game right now. If you can keep Jinx alive long enough to activate her rocket launcher, you should stand a good chance of winning.

The thing I like about this comp is its ability to pivot. If you can’t find the items or units that you need. A strong early/mid game option is having Ziggs and throwing on a Rumble for the Demolitionist buff. If that’s the case, you might be better off going all Rebels plus Gangplank. But that’s a guide for another time.