New Pokemon Direct and Release of Isle of Armor

Pokémon Sword Expansion Pass and Pokémon Shield Expansion Pass. Image Courtesy The Pokémon Company International, Nintendo
Pokémon Sword Expansion Pass and Pokémon Shield Expansion Pass. Image Courtesy The Pokémon Company International, Nintendo /

An exciting benchmark for the Pokemon franchise, the day that the first DLC was ever released for Pokemon also included a Direct that had more news to share with fans and trainers!

The day has arrived for trainers all over the world to experience the Isle of Armor in any copy of Pokemon Sword and Shield. This event has been anticipated by trainers since the beginning of this year, for Pokemon to be added to parties and collections in the latest installment of the franchise. The new adventures that await the trainer who purchased a pass for both DLC’s will have their Pokemon occupied with plenty of content, especially if this any trainer’s first time playing the game. If the information of the new content was not enough for trainers, even more surprises were announced for fans and trainers. A Pokemon Direct was scheduled for the same day of release of the DLC with a short time frame of its announcement only a few days before. With a lot to unpack from this Direct, there is plenty of news that was shared for trainers to be excited about.

Pokemon Snap returns with a Long-Awaited Sequel

Pokemon Snap was one of the first non-core related games that were initially released for the Nintendo 64 was a popular installment to the franchise. The game only featured the first generation of Pokemon from the Red, Blue, and Yellow Versions of the game. Now for the first time in over two decades, the first sequel of Pokemon Snap will be released for the Nintendo Switch.

The New Pokemon Snap teased a trailer with new direct camera capabilities, just like photography having its own advancement in technology over the years. The game featured Pokemon from generations past from the history of the entire franchise, with a lot of the Pokemon interacting and playing with one another.

The trailer teased stated that the game is “under construction” which means that the developers at Gamefreak are hard at work with finishing this title. With a blast from the past re-emerging for trainers to get excited about, Pokemon Snap making its return to the franchise can give hope for other remakes and sequels to be made of long-forgotten Pokemon games.

New Pokemon Puzzle title: Pokemon Café Mix

A new introduction of a Pokemon puzzle related-game is coming soon to the Nintendo Switch and smartphone devices. Pokemon Café Mix puts a spin on the perfect brew between old puzzle games and features a small ingredient of mixing in the food aspect of the main core series.

The player is an owner of a café that the Pokémon come and visit, each order that a Pokemon makes is a separate puzzle that caters to a drink or food order. The success of the café is run on the satisfaction of Pokemon that frequent the popular spot. The more a Pokemon visits the café, the more likely they will be completely satisfied and join the staff at the café.

Each individual Pokemon has special abilities that allow the player to challenge puzzles with different strategies. The greater of the shared success of the Pokemon and the café builds the opportunity for the player to enhance and build their café into a larger business for Pokemon to come and visit.

The application is still underdeveloped, but at the end of the trailer, the advertisement included the opportunity to reserve the application as soon as possible. Pokemon Café Mix will be free to download via the Nintendo Switch and smartphone devices through iOS and Google Play.

Healthier disciplines with Pokemon Smile

Pokemon always seems to bridge the gap with children who are developing at a young age. Now, the creators of the popular series have now introduced new ways to help children get into a better routine with dental hygiene.

Introducing Pokemon Smile, an application that parents can use to help encourage children to brush their teeth featuring some of their favorite Pokemon. The child will open the app choosing a Pokemon of their liking to help the Pokemon fight plaque during the time they are brushing their teeth.

At the end, when the Pokemon recognizes that the child has completed the task, they have the opportunity to catch the Pokemon that assisted them in brushing their teeth. This application is a huge step with the Pokemon Company helping children develop the right disciplines for a more substantial life. The application for Pokemon Smile is available now for iOS and Google Play for parents and children to start having fun with brushing their teeth.

Pokemon GO news and more!

Pokemon GO continues to be a popular app and a major contribution to the Pokemon franchise. The Pokemon Direct shared that Niantic plans on to continue to hold their annual Pokemon Go Fest and will have it digital for players to participate in rather than hold the event in a city. For the players of the popular application that have not attended the event before, they can now experience the event from their homes with the new capabilities Niantic has made for players. For the trainers who plan on purchasing a ticket and participating, an Unova surprise awaits POGO players with an opportunity to encounter Victini, the lucky mythical Pokemon!

It was also teased that Mega Evolutions will be making its debut for Pokemon GO! This is the first teaser of anything available from Generation Six from Pokemon X and Y or Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire with any features that are from these games. With a great majority of Pokemon that have Mega Evolution capabilities already available in the Pokedex, this feature will definitely make battling and raid battle more interesting to encounter. There will probably some item enhancing feature that will be limited to players, but this is yet to be announced. The features for Mega Evolutions for players will be available sometime this year.

Starting today, Galarian Farfetch’d be making its debut on Pokemon Go for players to encounter and catch. Now that Galarian Pokemon have made their debut on POGO, Farfetch’d join the adventure in its alternative form. This is more than a gift for trainers to take advantage of, for the traditional Farfetch’d be only available in certain areas of Asia as a regional exclusive. The trainer will be more than thrilled to finally add this Pokemon to their collection if they have not encountered it already

On the next episode…of Pokemon Direct!

With the debuted of DLC in Pokemon Sword and Shield releasing today, a new contest and challenges have been set by the creators. Zeraora will be appearing more in Max Raid Battles for trainers to encounter from now until June 28. Although the legendary Pokemon will be uncatchable, the concept for trainers to actively participate in this challenge is to defeat Zeraora a total of one million times. If this feat is accomplished, everyone who has a copy of Sword and Shield and Pokemon Home will receive a shiny Zeraora to their Pokemon Home. The task is only for a short time frame, so happy battling trainers!

The video was brief with almost eleven minutes of content, but this was enough Pokemon news to satisfy trainers for the time being while they purchase the new DLC and interact on the Isle of Armor. Following this Pokemon Direct, there will be another event taking place in a full week from the time the video debuted. The next Pokemon Direct will take place on June 24, to share even more Pokemon news to the world. Who knows what will be leaked in the next video event: a new Pokemon title game or more sweet features to go with the current DLC. We will have to wait and see what next week’s Pokemon Direct will have in store for us!

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