10 Animal Crossing villagers that’ll turn your island into Beastars

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Turn your Animal Crossing island into Beastars with these villagers

I write a lot of Animal Crossing: New Horizons articles. I mean, a LOT. And this has gotten me a bit of a reputation online so sometimes people give me suggestions. Recently, someone said, “you should do an article matching Beastars to their Animal Crossing counterparts.” Oh no. This is one of those times where an idea comes along that’s so good that even if I hate the idea I need to do it. So… here we go.

Here are ten Animal Crossing characters and their perfect counterparts to make your island seem like a weird spinoff of Beastars. Along with a special and terrible bonus islander at the end. No peeking.

Obviously, no island is complete without the main protagonist of Beastars, Legoshi the wolf. His perfect match would be Fang. Not only is Fang very close visually but Fang has the lazy personality so he’s sort of as distant as Legoshi himself.

The yin to Legoshi’s yang, Louis is an equally necessary character to have in a Beastar group. And he matches perfectly with Lopez. Sure, Lopez is more based on a dyk-dyk but with the coloring scheme and the smug personality type you can’t really go wrong here.