PlayStation 5: Five best-looking PS5 games revealed so far

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#4. Ghostwire: Tokyo

Seeing Ghostwire: Tokyo at the PlayStation 5 showcase wasn’t a huge surprise. The game was announced some time ago so it didn’t quite have the new factor a lot of other titles during the showcase did. But anticipation for the game has been really high and I feel like this trailer only helped build it up quite a bit more.

This presentation of Ghostwire: Tokyo was missing the personality of former creative director Ikumi Nakamura from E3 2019, but it still looks incredibly stylish and also weird and spooky. It’s definitely got elements of games like Control where you are saving the city from supernatural forces with some supernatural abilities of your own. But there’s also a bunch of really weird and disturbing things happening and you’ll have to dig into the mystery of how and why.

There’s a mysterious shadow group who wear masks and motives remain unknown. Are there here to help? Do they have their own selfish goals? Are they behind everything? I really can’t wait to find out when Ghostwire: Tokyo comes to the PlayStation 5 next year in 2021.