Animal Crossing: New Horizons: 5 things to do after paying off your loans

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons
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Redesign your home

In something that mirrors my personal issues so much that to continue on this line of thought would be me having to admit my psychologist has a point, I didn’t put any work into myself on Animal Crossing. My home was just a messy storage spot with the exception of the room I store turnips in. So I wanted to change that.

First step I did was to make my house something that looked awesome to approach. Your house never really gets to big but I wanted to do everything in my power to make it look amazing from the outside even with limited options.

So if I couldn’t alter the house to make it look huge, I’d make the island itself reflect it. I took the North of my island and dug. I created a massive cavern with waterfalls, made an island in the center big enough for my house, and plopped it there. Then I kept the decorations minimal around my home to make the house look bigger. In addition, I put a bunch of stuff outside of my home where I walled up the entrance so that the sudden minimalism would make my house seem bigger by scale.

In addition to this, I also decided to do things with the interior. I made one room look like my writing office at home and took out a bunch of clutter. I covered my basement walls with the Manga Wall Wallpaper and filled it with pinball machines and arcade units. And, to keep with the museum theme I turned my back room into a display of all my islanders past and present.

I made the left side of the room (separated by a TV) show off the posters of everyone currently living on my island. The right side, labeled as “The Fallen” were islanders who lived on my island and had moved on. I felt this was a cool way to show people who were on my island at a glance as well as see who I’ve had here before. Like the celebrity pictures at some diners.

And speaking of pictures, I needed to make sure I was adding more personality to it so I decided to go back and work on something I did when I first started playing.