Goodbye Volcano High brings much-needed diversity to PS5


Indie studio KO_OP, revealed Goodbye Volcano High during PlayStation Showcase.

The PlayStation 5 reveal event was filled with all sorts of exciting announcements for upcoming games. Sony has made it a point of emphasis to showcase all sorts of different games during their events and one of those intriguing titles was Goodbye Volcano High. From indie studio KO_OP, Goodbye Volcano High will take players on a journey of emotional high stakes, a teenage narrative adventure where you live your life to the fullest when you know that your days are numbered.

Goodbye Volcano High is a queer narrative adventure game created by a diverse team. The queer narrative adventure game should also bring the LGBT community further into gaming and a reveal like this during the month of June seemed very fitting. This is a queer game about a non-binary main character. That was important to Saleem Dabbous, the Studio Director behind this new game, who offered the following comment:

"“Partnering with PlayStation has given us the opportunity to build something of incredible production value. Everything you see in this first trailer was taken directly from the game and is playable.”"

Goodbye Volcano High

In addition to what looks to be an emotional and deep storyline, Goodbye Volcano High also features a gorgeous art style with hand-painted backgrounds. Art Director Lucie Viatge compared it to that of an animated movie, and I have to agree.

"“This type of game is definitely a first for KO_OP. We are creating a detailed and colorful art style that resembles an animated movie, with gorgeous hand-painted backgrounds and expressive characters that come together to create a game where every shot feels special. Our goal with the art is to bring you close to what the characters are experiencing, and allow their emotions to really shine through. We’ve been building an incredible team of artists for the project, and it’s been really amazing to bring our vision to life.”"

In the game, you play as Fang, an 18-year-old dinosaur on the cusp of graduation, but more concerned about their band going viral. With teasers of a “budding romance,” the cinematic narrative features multiple storylines and unique endings. Most cinematic narratives are largely viewing experiences, but Goodbye Volcano High also will feature musical minigames.

Goodbye Volcano High

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Goodbye Volcano High will available for the PlayStation 5 in 2021. It will also be coming to PS4 and Steam. It was just one of more than two dozen games announced for the PS5.