Final Fantasy 7 Remake: A thorough and complete review

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Chapter 5: The Story – Part Two

After a successful attack on the reactor in sector 8, AVALANCHE sets out to capitalize on the momentum that the first mission gave them. This means another bombing mission, this time in sector 5,

Due to some unforeseen obstacles, AVALANCHE has to drop Wedge and Jessie from the task force, bringing in Cloud once more, alongside his childhood friend, Tifa. Tifa runs a bar, called Seventh Heaven, out of the sector 7 slums, which doubles as the hideout for AVALANCHE. Tifa uses martial arts to get the job done, and her punches are just as powerful, if not more powerful then any of the boys’.

After the losses they suffered in the first bombing mission, Shinra has maxed out their security, keeping a close eye out for AVALANCHE. President Shinra along with Shinra’s director of public safety (this information is not in the game, but was released from the official Square Enix instagram page), Heidegger put together a plan to try and stop the AVALANCHE crew from continuing to gain momentum and hurt the company.

AVALANCHE would fall right into that trap.

After AVALANCHE infiltrates the sector 5 reactor, Shinra springs the trap, starting up the media cameras and using their propaganda machine to cast AVALANCHE as terrorists. They go on to make an example of the three heroes on the mission, pitting their strongest weapon on them and broadcasting it to to the entirety of Midgar.

Although technically victorious, this battle would only serve to harm AVALANCHE, not only by hurting their image with the public, but also by sending Cloud plummeting off of the plate and down to the sector 5 slums below.

Cloud wakes up, bathed in light and surrounded by flowers.

Shocked to see he is not dead, Cloud comes to in an abandoned church, being tended to by a sweet young flower girl named Aerith (called Aeris in the source material). Aerith is kind, doing whatever she can to help everyone around her, whether that be with her flowers, her wonderful personality, or here extremely potent magical abilities.

Shinra is extremely interested in Aerith, and have assigned the Turks to keep an eye on her at all times. Made up of Rufus, Rude, and Tseng, the Turks specialize in target retrieval/neutralization, with extensive combat training. They monitor Aerith’s day to day activities, only getting involved to try and convince Aerith to voluntarily be apprehended and brought to Shinra HQ.

Despite falling a few miles to the ground just moments before, Cloud finds himself immediately involved in the conflict between Shinra and Aerith, being given the position of the flower girl’s bodyguard. Tasked with escorting her safely and quickly across the rooftops of slums of sector 4, Cloud navigates his way through the perilous heights and finds his way to Aerith’s home in the slums of sector 5.