TFT Galaxies mid-set update: Astro trait adds crowd control and utility

Teamfight Tactics. Riot Games.
Teamfight Tactics. Riot Games. /

The new Astro trait adds crowd control and utility to your team. Prepare to welcome Nautilus, Bard, Gnar and Teemo to TFT Galaxies.

While we will say goodbye to the Void and Valkyrie traits when TFT Galaxies patch 10.12 hits in early June, we welcome three new traits. One of these traits is Astro.

When you have three Astro champs, all of your Astro champs’ mana costs will be reduced by 30. There are four new Astro champs:

  • Nautilus: Tier 2 Vanguard
  • Bard: Tier 3 Mystic
  • Gnar: Tier 4 Brawler
  • Teemo: Tier 4 Sniper

Astro champions bring some very unique mechanics to the game as the trait’s focus is on crowd control and utility. It seems a bit odd that Riot would add a comp specifically dedicated to crowd control when one of the goals with set 3 was to limit the amount of disables. In any case, here’s what you can expect from the Astro champs:

TFT Galaxies - Teamfight Tactics - Nautilus
Teamfight Tactics. Riot Games. /

Nautilus (Tier 2 Vanguard)

Nautilus return from the previous set and he’ll make for a strong early game Vanguard. He’s got the ability to stun the enemy’s front line and should pair well with any of the early game Vanguards; however, the suggested comp from Riot — which consists of two Vanguards — has Wukong.

TFT Galaxies - Teamfight Tactics - Bard
Teamfight Tactics. Riot Games. /

Bard (Tier 3 Mystic)

Considered the most “out there” champ, he’s actually pretty week in a fight. However, he serves a much different purpose on the battlefield. He can create meeps that are sold for 1 XP each. While Space Pirates give you gold, Bard adds a new mechanic that will give you the chance to gain a level advantage. This provides all sorts of benefits, including faster leveling without having to spend gold (meaning you can re-roll more often).

TFT Galaxies - Teamfight Tactics - Gnar
Teamfight Tactics. Riot Games. /

Gnar (Tier 4 Brawler)

Gnar also returns from the launch set and with him comes his giant shove. He’ll hopefully be a good replacement for Cho’Gath, who is now removed from the game.

TFT Galaxies - Teamfight Tactics - Teemo
Teamfight Tactics. Riot Games. /

Teemo (Tier 4 Sniper)

Everyone’s favorite Yordle is coming to Teamfight Tactics. He’ll place powerful satellites (shrooms) all over the map. I’m sure they’ll be just as annoying as in a game of Summoner’s Rfit.

The recommended comp from Riot features: Nautilus, Wukong, Gnar, Teemo, Cailtlyn, Ashe, Jhin and Karma (with Lulu at level nine). This would give you you 4 Sniper, 3 Astro, 2 Vanguard, 2 Chrono, and 2 Dark Star  (possible Mystic and Celestial at 9).

You’ll notice that the comp recommends 4 Snipers. This is because patch 10.12 will add a 2/4 breakpoint to Snipers. With the addition of Vayne (Tier 3 Cybernetic/Sniper) and Teemo (Tier 4 Astro/Sniper), it should fairly possible to hit this.

The Astro tanks and crowd control is designed to give your Snipers a long enough time to chunk away at the enemy. Bard, meanwhile, should give you an advantage in leveling. Astro is a very interesting trait that I can see people making some very unique comps with.