Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Exciting new features and additions revealed through datamining

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons
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Additional Shops

Speaking of the museum adding on, there’s stuff in the code that says there’s going to be additional features coming to not just to the museum but the entire island by way of new shops.

One of these will be Leaf getting his permanent shop which really seems to go hand-in-hand with the fact that he’s also looking to get an increased inventory. Files show he’s getting osmanthus and hibiscus bushes among many others, especially if he carries vegetables when the time comes.

Two of these look like they center around the museum. In addition to a museum gift shop, it also looks like it’s getting a cafe. I have no idea what the gift shop would have, though it would be cool to get large, decorative aquariums and the ability to finally make model dinosaurs (I am seriously sitting on a ton of duplicate fossils for the day I can convert them into models).

The cafe I’m more excited for, however, because there is absolutely no way that Blathers would put a cafe in his museum without bringing in his buddy Brewster. Brewster is one of my favorite characters; a shy pigeon who, over time, shares his love of coffee with you. And, depending on which version of Animal Crossing you’re playing, he might even employ you. allowing you the chance to learn more about your villagers and what their favorite coffee might be. I’m hyped for that.

The remaining two have a lot of mystery behind them as one is just listed as “real estate” and the other “w office”. Real Estate could be the Happy Home Academy. As you might have read from my previous post on the subject, I very much believe that New Horizons is going to be getting gameplay from Animal Crossing: Happy Home Academy. This would see you help design other NPC’s homes and other buildings. This is speculation but I’m hoping if I believe hard enough that will be a reality.

The “w office” leaves a lot up to speculation. One popular theory is that it’s going to be the Post Office as it was a long time facility of Animal Crossing that is missing for the first time in series history. The other could be Booker and Copper’s patrol office. But right now all we know is the file name.

The final thing in this big reveal is that it looks like Nook’s Cranny is also going to be getting their third upgrade. Whether this is like the department store look of the previous game or something new, the “deserted island” getaway is looking to look a lot less deserted.