Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Exciting new features and additions revealed through datamining

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons
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Seafood in Critterpedia

Speaking of Critterpedia entries, another piece of code hints at a new category for “Seafood.” While it shows spots for 33 items, so far the only one that’s been confirmed in it are the manilla clams.

Not much is really known on this one other than the fact that it seems to involve sea-life that can be used as food. Which is a perfect segue into my next topic.


It looks like there’s a whole new crafting style coming to Animal Crossing. As hinted in the code, it looks like there’s ways to get recipes. So far, with the knowledge of getting recipes mixed with the hints of everything else coming to the game, it stands to reason that soon you’ll be able to cook.

Maybe this just means you’ll be making food for villagers if you want to give them gifts but don’t want to ugly up their homes. Maybe you’ll even be able to run your own restaurant. Who knows but it’s definitely a fun one to speculate on — especially when you take into account the next addition found in the code.