PlayStation 5: Four sequels we can’t wait to play on PS5

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#1. Spider-Man

In some ways, it’s a good thing that licensed games, especially those tied directly to movies and their release dates are a much rarer thing than they used to be. But that also means that we get far fewer things such as our favorite superheroes in video game form. For my money, easily the best of really only a handful of superhero games this generation was easily Spider-Man for the PlayStation 4.

However just because there was way less competition doesn’t mean Spider-Man wasn’t an incredible achievement in its own right. The combat and web-slinging were incredibly fun. But honestly, the most important part was how Insomniac managed to really do their own take on Spider-Man and his supporting cast of friends and foes and still make it feel like it was something you’d see out of the best movies and comics based off everyone’s favorite neighborhood wall-crawler. And the end of the game while being a satisfying conclusion to that particular story, certainly left a lot of places where the game can go for a sequel.

Hopefully with this first entry being successful what we also might see in a sequel is more of the wider Marvel universe, even if it’s just a few guest spots or cameo roles. A vast majority of Marvel’s heroes operate out of that area in some capacity, it’s a little ridiculous that they would all be completely absent all the time while Spider-Man is fighting crime. Either way, Spider-Man was easily the best superhero game of this generation and it’s the one I’m most excited to see a continuation of on the PlayStation 5.

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And that’s it for the four sequels we are most excited to see that will likely come to the PlayStation 5 at some point. Hopefully, sooner rather than later. What sequels are you most anticipating on Sony’s next generation of hardware? Let us know in the comments.