PlayStation 5: Four sequels we can’t wait to play on PS5

Photo Courtesy of Insomniac Games
Photo Courtesy of Insomniac Games /
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#2. Horizon Zero Dawn

With each new generation of consoles usually comes a slew of new franchises as well. For my money, the best new franchise of the current generation is easily Horizon Zero Dawn. It may have been a tad overshadowed because it released the same time as the Nintendo Switch and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which it drew some comparisons to, but they are really different games, both great in their own right.

Horizon Zero Dawn’s Alloy is a fantastic protagonist and the first game just really seems to barely scratch the surface of the world she lives in. There’s so much more to the mystery of the A.I. programs supposedly built to essentially reboot humanity and the earth itself. Also, Hades went completely corrupt, what exactly is the status of the other programs, and are they a threat? Are there more dinosaur robots out there?

The point is out of all the truly new franchises that launched in the past seven years, Horizon Zero Dawn is easily the most exciting and has the most potential seems to really be the premiere franchise for the next generation as well. Maybe the next entry will even be a launch title? We can certainly hope but either way this is a franchise I really can’t wait to see the next entry of on the PlayStation 5.