PlayStation 5: Four sequels we can’t wait to play on PS5

Photo Courtesy of Insomniac Games
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#3. God of War

If you were to tell me I’d be excited about a new entry in the God of War series for the PS5 a few years ago, I’d think you were sadly mistaken. I wasn’t a huge fan of the first three games starring a man whose whole deal was rage, rage, and rage some more til there are no bodies left.

Honestly, when God of War returned with a new look for the PlayStation 4 I wasn’t that interested either. I was not convinced a new perspective, a sad dad and a Norse setting were going to be what made me excited about this franchise.

For whatever reason (possibly critical buzz, I can’t recall) I did give this entry a shot and truly enjoyed it. They managed to make Kratos way more compelling, the combat felt fresh, and though the adventure ended up being grand in scope, the scale was small and personal. Kratos just wanted to fulfill his wife’s last wish for her ashes to be scattered on the highest mountain top, a seemingly feasible feat up-ended by nobody being smart enough to just leave Kratos alone.

The next entry was already teased, with Thor and possibly Ragnarok being front and center. I both anticipate and am slightly worried about this because it could easily fall prey to what happened not just with the previous entries, but so many other franchises, where they pack on so much more it get ridiculous and bloated, but the soft reboot indicates that the developers know the mistakes of the past and will not repeat them again so mostly I’m just excited to see the next entry whenever it comes to the PlayStation 5.