PlayStation 5: Four sequels we can’t wait to play on PS5

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Sony’s next console is coming later this year, what big franchises are we most excited to see get sequels on the PlayStation 5?

Though Sony has been mostly pretty tight-lipped about the next generation of gaming thus far, we know one thing for sure, the PlayStation 5 exists. Sony has seemingly stuck with its holiday 2020 window for the PS5 and with that, we hope to see a slew of both new and established franchises available on it.

The established franchises are what we are here to talk about today because though it is exciting to see new IP with a new generation, it can be just as exciting to see the next chapter of your favorite franchises on new hardware with new capabilities and see what can be accomplished with that as well as continuing the story. With that in mind, here are the four franchises we can’t wait to see the latest entries in on PlayStation 5 (warning, these entries may contain spoilers as to the storylines of some games):

#4. Uncharted

Granted, Nathan Drake’s tale, at least for the most part, should be at an end.  Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End gave Nathan Drake a very proper send-off and allowed him to finally for real settle down and have the happy ending he’s searched for his whole life.

That doesn’t mean the Uncharted series itself has to end, however. Frankly, Uncharted: Lost Legacy was arguably a better, tighter entry than Nathan Drake’s last outing and could spin-off into a series all on its own. There’s also the possibility of a new game being all about the next-generation of Drakes and their adventure.

We got introduced to Nathan’s daughter at the end of Uncharted 4, there’s no reason she couldn’t go off on her own adventure (maybe to rescue her parents, but also find a lost treasure or city or whatever) and find her own set of partners to be a sort of soft reboot and keep the series going awhile longer. I certainly would be okay if we have seen the last of the Uncharted series, but I would also be very interested to see where they would go with a new entry as long as it wasn’t Nathan Drake on the hunt for treasure yet again.