Top 5 Grass-Type Pokemon Experts


This is the fourth type covered in this series, going in the order in which we first encounter each type expert chronologically in Pokemon history. This time the focus is on Grass-type Pokémon. Though they have many weaknesses, it would be wise of trainers not to overlook their potential. As the generations passed, Grass-type Pokémon have gotten access to a wider variety of moves while still sporting reliable options such as Leech Seed and Sleep Powder. These moves are among the strategies employed by the top Grass experts in the Pokémon World. Here is how we believe they stack up.

5. Milo: Gym Leader of Turrfield, Galar

The most recent edition to this Grass-type Expert crew, Milo represents the simultaneous sturdy yet gentle nature of Grass-type Pokemon. Milo is the perfect person to have as the first gym leader of the Galar region because although he is humble, he enjoys getting stronger while also helping others succeed. His gym challenge with the Wooloo wrangling was adorable and interesting. Though Nessa views Milo as her biggest rival, Milo interesting

ly considers himself his rival.

4. Erika: Gym Leader of Celadon City, Kanto

From our most recent to the original Grass-type expert, Erika is one of the more unique trainers we encounter throughout our Pokemon journeys. Most gym leaders, in particular, are competitive, boisterous, or otherwise intimidating presences who think highly of themselves. Instead, Erika is more docile, even snoozing when you first talk to her in the Kanto centric games. In the anime, she runs a perfume store and shows her abilities as a trainer by seeing past Gloom’s smell and bringing out the beauty and strength of this odd Pokemon.

3. Gardenia: Gym Leader of Eterna City, Sinnoh

Gardenia couldn’t have picked a better location for a Grass-type Gym, as Eterna City is located right next to Eterna Forest. That is likely where Gardenia caught her ace Pokemon, Roserade. Her passion for Grass-type Pokemon was noted when geeked out upon seeing James’s Cacnea and Carnivine. Gardenia’s Turtwig proved to be just as strong as Ash’s, and under her guidance, Cacnea learned the move Drain Punch. She is certainly worthy of being considered a top Grass-type expert.

2. Cilan: Gym Leader of Striaton City, Unova

It’s evaluation time! In Black and White, Cilan is only battled if you chose Oshawott as a starter. However, Cilan proves to be a bigger challenge as his team expands in Black 2 and White 2. Cilan is most known for his stint as Ash’s companion during the Best Wishes series of the anime, where his status as a Pokemon Connoisseur allowed him to make precise judgments as to how others raise their Pokemon. Along with being an excellent cook, he also held his own in various competitions such as Club Battle Tournament and Pokemon World Tournament Junior Cup.

1. Mallow: Trial Captain of Lush Jungle, Alola

While Cilan was helpful to Ash in his journey across the Unova region, we got to see more of Mallow’s growth and personality in Alola. In the games, Mallow oversees one of the tougher Alolan Trials especially if you did not choose Litten as your starter. Anchored by Totem Lurantis, its Synthesis and Solar Blade moves make any battle tough especially when Sunny Day is in effect. Along with befriending and occasionally commanding the mythical Pokemon Shaymin in battle, Mallow is an accomplished cook whose abilities are implemented into the Lush Jungle Trial and demonstrated in the anime, despite her clumsy nature. Though her Tsareena lost to Primarina in the Round of 16 of the Alola League, Mallow has shown to be a well-rounded Grass-type expert and is worthy of the number 1 spot.

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