Xbox Series X: 5 games we want to see during Thursday’s Inside Xbox

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A new Fable

As I previously said, while it seems like this Inside Xbox will certainly focus on third-party offerings for the Xbox Series X, that doesn’t mean there will be no Microsoft games shown. I can really only think of two established franchises that Microsoft has that fans would get really excited about.

One of them is the wacky adventure-RPG series Fable. While series creator Peter Molyneaux and Lionhead Studios would no longer be at the helm due to them departing Microsoft years ago, this should be looked at as a huge opportunity for the franchise.

I own and have finished all three core Fable games. They are all enjoyable and have some good qualities, but they also all feel like their potential was unfulfilled and full of half-baked ideas and some of that has to fall on Peter Molyneux. With every entry, he promised a groundbreaking new game that had something revolutionary when none of the games really did. I don’t blame him for trying to be so ambitious but more often than not it resulted in a botched feature that still ended up in the game in some fashion.

A new Fable has definitely been confirmed as being in the works and as such has been obviously in development for a long time already. It might have needed that long with what would arguably be a new vision at a new studio, but what better time to finally give us a glimpse than when you are showing off the first glimpse of games running on your brand new hardware?