Xbox Series X: 5 games we want to see during Thursday’s Inside Xbox

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New Harry Potter game

Unlike the new Batman game, we don’t have any official confirmation this even exists, but it still seems incredibly likely that Avalanche Software has been working on an open-world RPG set in the Harry Potter universe.

It probably won’t follow any of the movies in particular and will likely be a prequel. While I’d prefer something post-The Voldemort years if it’s far enough back that also frees the game of baggage from the films which make for a better game.

If the rumors are true you’ll be a fifth-year student at Hogwarts, choosing from eight different “types” (likely meaning classes) and be able to choose whether you want to be good or evil. Sure sounds like an intriguing set up to me.

If done well, this could literally be the Harry Potter equivalent of Knights of the Old Republic. I know, high bar but it’s the same kind of premise where the setting is possibly so far back we don’t have to worry about anything being dependent on or tied to other established media which is great and very freeing.

Licensed games used to have a pretty bad reputation but it’s one they’ve slowly been shedding thanks to not having to be tied to a particular movie release or anything lately and real care and time given to the project. Assuming it exists hopefully, the new Harry Potter game would be one of those and hopefully, we will see something official on it soon, like this Thursday running on the Xbox Series X.