Xbox Series X: 5 games we want to see during Thursday’s Inside Xbox

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The new Batman game

We know there is a new Batman game coming. And it seems like Warner Bros. was set for a potentially huge showing at this year’s E3. But that’s really all we know. Aside from a couple of cryptic tweets and logos, we have learned almost nothing else.

Does it feature The Court of Owls? Is Damien in it? Do you still play as Bruce Wayne? Do they finally involve characters outside of the immediate Batfamily? Will it deliver some badly needed freshness to a formula that felt really tired by the end of Arkham Knight?

It’s important to note that this is not Rocksteady developing the game, but WB Games Montreal. The developers who did one recent Batman game that got a rather lukewarm reception, Arkham Origins. It wasn’t a bad game by any means but certainly the least memorable of the Arkham series and one seemingly barely considered part of it (i.e. a collection was released not that long ago and Origins was not part of it). That is a cause for some trepidation, but WB Montreal hasn’t really worked on a whole since that and hasn’t produced anything since 2015.

Hopefully, that means they have really taken their time with this one. It seems like a sure thing that a new Batman game is at least set to be unveiled this year what better way to show it off than running on Microsoft’s new hardware?