Call of Duty: Infinity Ward should add a Warzone Bounty Playlist

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Call of Duty Warzone is constantly adding new playlists so that players don’t get bored. Infinity Ward should consider adding a brand new Bounty Playlist.

Call of Duty Warzone is constantly making changes to the game in order to give players something new to look forward to. News broke this past week that a Duos Playlist would finally be added to the game after many complaints that it was never in the game in the first place. Now with Warzone adding new playlists into the their arsenal, there is one more I think that should be added that is never before seen. It would be really fun and unique that would get fans wanting more.

A Bounty Playlist should be the next playlist added to Warzone. This playlist would consist of everyone starting the game with a $500 bounty on them. That means all 150 players in the game would have a $500 bounty on them to start the game, but just because you have a bounty on yourself doesn’t mean that you would be shown on the map. As a matter of fact, the mini-map wouldn’t be any different than what it is now. The only difference would be that you would have an invisible $500 bounty on each and every player.

With each and every kill that you acquire during the course of the game you would inherit their bounty. For example, if you kill someone right when you land you would inherit their $500 bounty. Now what that means is your bounty is up to $1000 while everyone else who has yet to get a kill is still at $500.

Now if someone kills you will with your $1000 bounty and they only have a $500 bounty, then their bounty would now be $1500. Let’s just say through the course of the game you come in contact with someone who has three kills. Depending on who they killed and what their bounty was, you would inherit whatever bounty that they had at the time of their death.

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This game mode allows the incentive to go and hunt other people in order to get money instead of always laying low trying to avoid contact. This would be a game mode for people who want to play Warzone a little more aggressive, instead of passively.

If they want, they can even add the top three Most Wanted bounties to be shown up on the side of the screen, while also revealing their location on the map. This would be just a way for players to know how well other are doing, while making the person in first the so-called ultimate bounty. Even just adding a score board to see who has the highest bounty just to see how well other are doing without revealing their location would be nice for the mode as well.

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Either way, a Warzone Bounty Playlist would sure be a lot of fun and would keep the Call of Duty Warzone game fresh with a brand new feel. Let me know if there would be any other type of playlists that you guys would be interested in or if you would like to see this Warzone Bounty Playlist a reality sometime in the near future!