5 overlooked RPGS you can digitally download and play right now

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Cosmic Star Heroine – Zeboyd Games – Available on Switch, PS4, PC

Cosmic Star Heroine is another game that was successfully funded through Kickstarter. Taking many cues from classic 90s RPGs like Chrono Trigger and the Phantasy Star series, the game has you playing the role of an “outer space F.B.I. agent” trying to thwart a corrupt organization from, naturally, taking over the galaxy.

While the story doesn’t quite measure up to the games that inspired it, the beautiful pixel art and detailed landscapes make exploring the galaxy a fun experience. The gameplay is similar to the turn-based battle system that defined 90s RPGs, although battles place a large importance on “buffing” up your characters stats and abilities, as well as allowing most abilities only one use each. Once a character uses an ability, that character then has to “rest” a turn in order to recover the use of any expended abilities.

Similar to the Suikoden series, there are many characters that will join your quest, but there are also several recruitable NPCs that can give you permanent stat buffs once they join your spaceship, which itself acts as the player’s central base. The game is a bit on the small side, as most gamers can complete it in just a few short hours. However, this game is still a delight to play, particularly for those who prefer RPGs in a futuristic space setting over the typical fantasy landscapes.

Cosmic Star Heroine on Nintendo Switch

Cosmic Star Heroine on PlayStation 4

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