5 overlooked RPGS you can digitally download and play right now

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Most RPG fans already know about popular games like Final Fantasy VII Remake or Kingdom Hearts III, but there are also some fun RPGs that oftentimes slip under the radar. Here are some good yet overlooked RPGs that you can digitally download today.

The recent release of Final Fantasy VII Remake is proving (just like the original Final Fantasy VII did back in 1997) that RPGs are still one of the most popular genres in video games. However, for every Pokémon Sword and Shield or Divinity: Original Sin II, there are several quality RPGs that often get lost in the shuffle. While many people have likely played modern classics such as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt or The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, most casual gamers miss out on some quality titles like Jade Empire or the criminally ignored Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

Overlooked RPGs always seem to have some common issues like a small marketing budget, but other traits can include the genre being largely over saturated, ill-advised release dates, or the negative stigma often associated with games developed on a small budget. However, in this day and age where so many classics are releasing as remastered ports (or remade entirely), there are several titles that are well-deserving of being included in any RPG gamer’s collection.

Although there are several upcoming RPGs that can likely fill the void leftover after completing Final Fantasy VII Remake or Persona 5 Royal, there are many less prominently known titles that deserve some attention. I’ve compiled a short list of some RPGs that I believe call for a second look from gamers. However, due to the current crisis the world is experiencing, I only wanted to include games that most gamers can digitally download today. With longer shipping estimates and any non-essential stores being closed down in most places, a digital purchase is maybe the most likely option for some people.