Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Events from past games we’d love to see

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Firework Show

This one took place at multiple points in the year but was always welcome. On the 4th of July and every Sunday (or Saturday if you were playing Wild World), you’d have a fireworks festival happen that night. In earlier games where you couldn’t look at the sky, you would hear the fireworks at night and, occasionally, flashes of colored light would illuminate the town. If you went to the town lake, you could see the fireworks reflected in the water.

As time went on, the event got prettier, especially as you gained the ability to look at the sky (which thinking about not being able to do it makes my neck hurt. Just me?). In addition to the pretty lights, they’d hand out fun things like roman candles and sparklers.

In New Leaf, Isabelle would also give you the option to convert a custom design into a firework. When people visit your town during the event, they’re get to see it too. Now that there’s a transparency tool that allows me to make specific shapes, I can’t wait to invite people over for an expletive filled night sky.