Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Events from past games we’d love to see

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Taking place on August 15 (or the 16th if the 15th took place on a Sunday), Obon is a Japanese holiday in which we honor our departed relatives. Nowadays, it’s also a big day for family reunions. Kids also make horses and cows by sticking broken chopsticks into summer vegetables. The horse is used to symbolize a horse to help the departed relatives return swiftly and the slow cow to symbolize how they want them to take their time before leaving.

In New Leaf, is was a fairly chill event in which Isabelle and the other people in your town would talk about how they honor and think about their part relatives. Each villager would either mention something about how big their families are or about what the animals represent. You could also get a cucumber horse and an eggplant cow which, if you didn’t catch it in the previous paragraph, were vegetables with broken chopsticks for legs.

Admittedly, this isn’t the most exciting event but I know a lot of people are playing this game with family. As a dad, I really like the idea of having an event the celebrates family. I know, I’m a sap but I like it. Also, the cucumber horse and eggplant cow are both fun to saw and fun items to place.