Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Redd has returned for Nature Day

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It’s day two of Nature Day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Redd has some very suspicious artwork to sell you.

This is part two of my Nature Day coverage in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Part one can be found here.

So today I’m setting out to find Redd. Yesterday, I found out that your first step was to talk to Blathers and have him bring up how he’s considering an art wing to the museum.  Oh, if only someone would have art available for me to donate.

When I started the game, Isabelle hit me with a lovely warning that someone suspicious has been seen on the island. It’s probably the most ominous I’ve ever seen Redd portrayed. She even ended it with an announcement that, luckily, no one has been harmed.

I went about my normal routine and ran into Redd as I was harvesting cherries. He gave me the kind of speech I normally only get from when I worked at Gamestop and they were trying to convince me that everything was okay; a few compliments and that we’re a family. I’ve been through this sort of scammery many times so it immediately fired off about 20 flags.

He then started bringing up art and offered to sell me a painting for over 400K. I told him no and he immediate dropped the price down to a little under 5K. Fine. I bought it and he muttered something about his fishing boat probably making a good portable showroom and the conversation ended right there. His business with me completed.

I later found his boat on my northern beach. A beach in which I had made very inaccessible while thinking I’d never need it. You can’t interact with it, you can only just kind of see it. One thing that has been a mainstay that I never noticed the significance of until now is that Redd’s logo is a leaf, very similar to the Animal Crossing leaf that represents items; but, it’s a different leaf. It almost feels like it’s purposely a knock-off and I hate that I only noticed this now.

Finally, I head to the museum to hand Blathers the dynamic painting I bought off Redd. He gets incredibly excited and says that he has to put work in on the expansion. Oh no. I have to wait until tomorrow to see the expansion to the museum.

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Well, I guess this will have a part three. Stay tuned and I’ll tell you tomorrow how the museum is. In the meantime, I’m going to take out my frustrations by planting shrubs everywhere.