Top 5 Pokemon Movies to Stream during Quarantine

387921 01: Character's (from left to right) Entei, Molly, Ash and Pikachu (foreground) in 4Kids Entertainment's animated adventure "Pokemon3," distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. (Photo by Warner Bros. Pictures)
387921 01: Character's (from left to right) Entei, Molly, Ash and Pikachu (foreground) in 4Kids Entertainment's animated adventure "Pokemon3," distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. (Photo by Warner Bros. Pictures) /

With the current circumstances for the majority of people staying in during quarantine, a great deal of Pokemon movies and anime is available to stream right now! These are the best ones the Viridian Forest recommends watching at this current time!

The cycle never stops during recent quarantine routines that have a great deal of us watching more shows and movies than usual. It is not a bold statement that some people may be running out of certain things to watch without anything new being released. Here at the Viridian Forest, trainers have taken advantage of the Pokemon-related movies and anime episodes available on major streaming services. For trainers looking for more entertainment in Pokemon or even watching Pokemon related movies for the first time, there is no better time than now to start watching. Can you not decide what movie to start with? The Viridian Forest has you covered. We have ranked the top five movies that are available for you to stream and watch!

5. The Power of Us

The list opens up with the first movie being The Power of Us. The film was the twenty-first installment of the Pokemon movies and released in 2018. The film was a direct sequel to the film I Choose You, which focuses on a new direction of the timeline of events that take place with Ash Ketchum and his trusty partner, Pikachu. With the new series installed in film, the direction of this series was reintroducing older stories with new Pokemon that were not originally available. The Pokemon world takes a new direction with this new story style introduced, especially introducing Pokemon to new audiences!

The plot was centered on introducing Zeraora to the silver screen for the Pokemon’s debut into the main interaction with Ash and Pikachu. The pair spend their efforts at Fula City where they are celebrating the Wind Festival with other supporting characters. The Wind Festival celebrates the time when Lugia rescued the city and the surrounding area when it was engulfed in flames. The interaction of both Pokemon is inevitable when the city and festival face dangers that await them.

The film is available on Netflix for views to watch. We recommend trainers watch the first film, I Choose You before watching the second film.

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4. Hoopa and the Clash of Ages

The next film that is on this list is Hoopa and the Clash of Ages. This is the eighteenth film in the franchise and was released in 2015. This film was the third installment of four movies that dedicated the attention of generation six; which includes Pokemon X and Y and the remakes of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. This movie was also shortly after the twentieth anniversary of the Pokemon franchise, so there was a celebration of Pokemon involved in this picture.

The plot for this movie introduced the legendary Pokemon, Hoopa. The significance of Hoopa’s power was also influenced in the movie, with the ability to warp through dimensions. The focus on challenging the power of Hoopa was an important part of the story with the legendary Pokemon summoning different ancient Pokemon to challenge in front of other people. Ash and his friends do everything possible to help Hoopa counter all the Pokemon and even battle the conflicts within. The movie is so special it even has the legendary Pokemon Rayquaza appear in its shiny form, a true surprise to Pokemon fans.

Hoopa and the Clash of Ages are available on Hulu to stream. It is also available in other languages to stream if there is a language preference with interaction. That does not stop out from the ranking list as we approach the halfway point.

3. Evolutions: Mewtwo Strikes Back

The long-awaited return of the remake of the first Pokemon movie was highly anticipated ever since the teaser trailer was released in the United States. Evolutions: Mewtwo Strikes Back was the twenty-second movie of the franchise and a CGI remake of the original film released in 1999. The remake of the original release of the film was celebrated as the twentieth anniversary in Japan; the US and worldwide release would happen the following year. The remake also shared a lot of promotions to the Pokemon community during the time of release, including in-game special events for the main series and Pokemon Go!

The plot of the movie focuses on the first legendary Pokemon with Mewtwo and Mew. The discovery of Mew was always an ambition of Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket when it came to conquering the Pokemon world. The birth of Mewtwo after cloning the Pokemon from Mew ignites the anger and revenge of the most powerful Pokemon with the same plan as its master; Giovanni. The original group of Ash, Pikachu, Misty, and Brock travel to the disclosed island to battle and stop Mewtwo from total destruction. The remake is spot on from the original release. The only thing the film is missing is the mini-film that included Pikachu’s Vacation, which would have looked just as good remastered in CGI.

Evolutions: Mewtwo Strikes Back is currently available on Netflix. During the time of release, it was once ranked as one of Netflix’s Top Ten most streamed programs. That has to be a new high for Pokemon to have this level of streaming on a major outlet of distribution.

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2. I Choose You

The opinion of ranking the prior film before this one is there, but there is more to unpack with I Choose You. The twentieth film of the movie franchise release was the first major reintroduction to the Pokemon series on a wider platform. I Choose You featured a great deal of mechanics from everything Pokemon; which included the games, manga, and original anime of the franchise. Having all of those concepts of the Pokemon franchise wrapped up into one film brings a special kind element that caters to Pokemon fans everywhere. A special film that celebrates the franchise like this is the best way Pokemon fans can show and encourage new fans to gain interest.

The plot of the film directs its attention to Ash Ketchum and his introduction to his starter Pokemon, Pikachu. The storyline opens up just like the very first episode of the anime, “Pokemon, I Choose You” to give homage to the anime. The rest of the movie shows how other generations of Pokemon interact from games that were released to the current generation. The assisting trainers that accompany Ash both have Lucario and Piplup as their partner Pokemon; alongside the rival antagonist having a Lycanroc as his partner. The focus on legendary Pokemon draws attention to the Legendary Dogs and Ho-oh, with a surprise from another Pokemon that twists the plot. This story has a great deal of emotion, that even pulls at the heartstrings at the pinnacle point of the film.

I Choose You is available to watch on Netflix. As before, we recommend watching this film before watching the sequel: The Power of Us. Both stories have the best interaction element of the Pokemon franchise, it is even more convenient than both movies are on the same streaming platform to watch.

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1. Detective Pikachu

The best film on this list is the Pokemon film that set the precedent for future live-action video game movies. It is the first and only live-action Pokemon film that has ever had a worldwide movie release. It is also a film that is not based on the main franchise games or original anime plotline. Detective Pikachu takes the cake for the best Pokemon film to stream. With the film’s fan following after its release, Detective Pikachu brought a new generation of fans to the Pokemon franchise; and we have to the film to thank because of it.

The plot of the film follows Tim Goodman played by Justice Smith, traveling to Rhyme City in order to look for his missing father. Tim is accompanied by his father’s trusty Pikachu, who is voiced by Ryan Reynolds, as they explore the mystery on where Tim’s father went missing. The story takes the audience on twists and turns, including seeing some live-action Pokemon from the Pokemon world! The movie alone broke records for video game movie releases, including becoming the number one movie in the world and setting a box office selling record! A film as celebrated as this one, there is bound to be a sequel in the future that will continue the adventures of Detective Pikachu!

Detective Pikachu is available to stream on HBO and any of the channel’s streaming platforms. HBO is also available with certain purchase options on Hulu to stream Detective Pikachu and other movies.

Do you agree with this list? If not, tune into these movies on the streaming services available! Some of these movies are worth watching during the current international pandemic. Watching them is a perfect distraction and could encourage more trainers to look into the world of Pokemon!