TFT 10.8 best meta comps: Mech-Pilot with Infiltrator or Sorcerer

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Despite nerfs in patch 10.8, Mech-Pilot remains a very strong comp in Teamfight Tactics. Here are some ways to play it in TFT.

With TFT patch 10.8, Mech-Pilot received an rework that altered how the super mech’s health was calculated. This was to avoid the major spike you’d get if you three-starred Annie or Rumble. The early levels (3-5) actually got buffed, however, while the later levels saw a dip in the health.

The result? Super-Mech is still a very viable comp to build around in TFT patch 10.8.

I’ve seen this comp played numerous ways but, of course, it centers around your three mech-pilots:

  • Annie (Mech-Pilot / Sorcerer) – 2g
  • Rumble (Mech-Pilot / Demolitionist) – 3g
  • Fizz (Mech-Pilot / Infiltrator) – 4g

From this base, I’ve seen two pairing options, Infiltrators and Sorcerers. Regardless of what comp you opt for, making your Mech-Pilot a beast tank should be your primary goal. You’ll want these items:

  • Quicksilver (Negatron Cloak + Sparring Gloves)
  • Bramble Vest (Chain Vest x2)
  • Titan’s Resolve (Chain Vest + Recurve Bow)
  • Guardian Angel (Chain Vest + BF Sword)

If you go Infiltrators, you’ll want to add:

  • Kha’Zix – 1g
  • Kai’Sa – 2g
  • Shaco – 3g

Kai’Sa is your primary carry here and gets preference for items over Shaco. For Kai’Sa you want Seraph’s Embrace and Morellonomicon. If you can, you can add a Demolitionist’s Charge (Needlessly Large Rod + Spatula) to get the Demolitionist buff with Rumble. Kayle as a seventh unit will get you the Valkyrie buff.

Shaco has been the target of nerfs and reworks lately, but you can still put a Blood Thirster and Guardian Angel on him and he’ll still wreak havoc in the back lines.

Sorcerer is an interesting combination with Mech-Pilot and a pretty flexible one as well. I’ve seen Mech-Pilot with Star Guardian/Sorcerer as well as Void/Sorcerer. Both are very strong options since both comps are considered some of the most powerful in TFT 10.8 anyway.

For Mech-Pilot with Void/Sorcerer, you can add:

  • Kha’Zix (Void / Infiltrator) – 1g
  • Vel’Koz (Void / Sorcerer) – 4g
  • Cho’Gath (Void / Brawler) – 4g

This gets you the three Void, two Infiltrator and two Sorcerer synergy bonuses — all very strong. Vel’Koz can be your carry with Morellonomicon and Seraph’s Embrace. Alternatively, you can put Morellonomicon on Cho’Gath to make him a little bit stronger.

If your’e going Sorcerer/Star Guardian, you’ll add:

  • Zoe (Sorcerer / Star Guardian)
  • Ahri (Sorcerer / Star Guardian
  • Syndra (Sorcerer / Star Guardian)

These three will get you the three Star Guardian buff and (with Annie) the four Sorcerer buff. If you’re doing good with econ, you can pump that up to six Sorcerers by adding Vel’Koz and Xerath (or Lux).

This is not the most over-powered team comp in TFT 10.8, but it is very strong and should get you consistently in the top four. With Sorcerer/Star Guardian becoming very contested, this is a good spin off of it. It’s also very fun to play.

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Regardless of the comp you choose to go with, the Mech-Pilot champions will be in the middle front with your carries in the back row. Place them according to what your opponents are playing.