Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Spring 2020 updates and events announced

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Nintendo Switch - Spring 2020 update
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International Museum Day (May 18-31)

I’m so hyped for this one. Animal Crossing: New Horizons added so many improvements to their museum. It used to just be plain rooms where everything you donated was sort of piled up. It was alright to see your progress but New Horizons really rubbed some stank on it and made it a museum you’d absolutely want to go to. It’s also filled with fun features like hidden places to stand to activate things.

On International Museum Day (which goes a lot longer than a day) players will receive a special stamp card. Going around the museum, players can find special stamp stands where they can then stamp their cards. Filling out all the cards nets the player an undisclosed special item.

This looks like a really fun event and it’s nice to see mini-games make an appearance back in the series.

Wedding Season (June 1-30)

Reese and Cyrus, former owners of the Re-Tail store in previous games, have returned, sort of. The blue and pink alpacas are looking to use Harv’s island to get married. And because everything in this universe centers around you, it’s up to you to use one of Harv’s rooms to set up a wedding themed area for the bride and groom and then take pictures.

The whole event is filled with wedding themed items and reminds me of something out of the Animal Crossing spin-off game Happy Home Academy which is nothing but a good thing.

That’s it for all the updates Nintendo gave us, but if you’re like to read more about Animal Crossing, here’s a link to our ever-growing index of amazing Animal Crossing: New Horizons tips, tricks, walk-through and all around fun reads.