TFT 10.8 best meta comps: Brawlers/Void with Vel’Koz carry

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With TFT patch 10.8, the Brawlers/Void team comp has become an unstoppable force, led by carry Vel’Koz. Here’s how to play it.

There’s no doubt ‘egirls’ (Star Guardian/Sorcerer) is the best team comp in Teamfight Tactics right now as of patch 10.8. As with all of the strongest compositions, it can often be contested. If that’s the case, you might be better off going Brawlers/Void in TFT 10.8.

This composition involves all four Brawlers and all three Void champions. There’s one overlap between the two synergies, that being Cho’Gath. Your basic composition should look like this at level 7:

  • Malphite (Brawler/Rebel) – 1g
  • Kha’Zix (Void/Infiltrator) – 1g
  • Blitzcrank (Brawler/Chrono) -2g
  • Vi (Brawler/Cybernetic) – 3g
  • Cho’Gath (Brawler/Void) – 4g
  • Vel’Koz (Void/Sorcerer) – 4g

As my 7th champion, I like to throw in a Syndra, just because she’s stupid strong right now. She’ll also give you the two Sorcerer synergy bonus. At level 8, you can add a Wukong for the Chrono buff.

Together, you should have a formidable front line with enough protection to keep your Vel’Koz and Syndra alive to deal some serious damage. You’ll also have multiple knock-ups with Cho’Gath and Wukong, as well as Vi’s powerful slam. That’s a lot of CC.

Vel’Koz is your major source of damage here, so you’ll want to protect him and ensure that he gets his laser off one or two times. You’ll want the following items on him:

  • Morellonomicon (Needlessly Large Rod + Giant Belt)
  • Seraph’s Embrace (Tear of the Goddess x2)
  • Quicksilver (Negatron Cloak + Sparring Gloves)

Cho’Gath is another powerful champion. Alternatively, can put Morellonomicon on him or Warmog’s or any kind of defensive item. Vi is also a very underrated champion, in my opinion. I love the versatility of Thieve’s gloves on her, but I find she excels with a wide variety of items, so you really can’t go wrong. If you pair Vel’Koz with a Syndra, you can throw Seraph’s or Chalice of Favor on her.

Early game, you want to focus on mitigating the damage you take. Try and level up your Malphite and pair him with a Graves and Lucian or some other strong damage dealers. If you can snag a Blitzcrank, you’ll have a two Brawler/Blaster combination. Also be sure to grab any Kha’Zix you see.

Mid-game, you can start to transition. Once you have the required champions, I like to put Malphite, Blitzcrank and Cho’Gath up on the front line with Vi a row back and off to the side. Position Vel’Koz and Syndra in the back.

Alternatively, you can put your frontline tanks to the far left and Vel’Koz behind them to the far left as well. In the back left corner, put Wukong or Syndra. In case you face Infiltrators or another Blitzcrank, your Vel’Koz should stay safe.

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Brawler/Void is a very strong team comp that’s pretty straightforward. It’s not quite as contested as other comps in TFT patch 10.8, so you should be able to get decent stars for your champions. It probably won’t get you many 1st place finishes, unless you can three-star Vel’Koz and/or Syndra, though.