Call of Duty: Warzone trios is better than the traditional battle royale quads

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When Warzone first debuted in Call of Duty Modern Warfare, there was something very unique about it. Infinity Ward decided to release Warzone with a trios playlist instead of a quads playlist.

Warzone has taken over Call of Duty: Modern Warfare by storm. It has been one of the most popular game modes that Call of Duty has ever released.

In just as little as one month, Call of Duty released a tweet thanking their community to over 50 million Warzone players. This can be due to the unique game mode of trios that was debuted with the release of Warzone.

Trios has been a fun playlist to play simply because there is less going on in terms of battling other teams. There just seems to be something more appealing when rushing a group of three rather than a group of four. It makes things a lot more manageable.

There are more people who have a group of three friends to play with over a group of four. Groups of four can sometimes feel a bit too hectic. Not only that, but teams of four can also get screwed in the long run as well in terms of loot.

Lets face it, if a group of three land at a location they have a better chance to each get decently geared out rather than if a group of four landed there. There are times where loot is even hard to find for just three people. With four people, it makes it even harder for everyone on a team to get max loot.

I know that regardless of what playlist you jump into there is still the same amount of people playing in one, single lobby. However, if not everyone who plays quads gets decent loot, they will end up having a better chance of dying when it comes time to battle. Quickly a group of four can become a group of two and no one wants to battle a group of four with only two people.

I’m not saying do not play quads even if you have four people. If you have four players that want to play quads, then absolutely go for it! However, battles are more fair when it comes to trios.

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Recently, Call of Duty removed traditional trios and made that trios game mode snipers and shotguns only. Also with that addition, they also decided to add a traditional quads game mode. As soon as this happened, people all over twitter decided to complain to Infinity Ward to add back the traditional trios because of how much people were actually enjoying that version of Warzone. On April 15th, Infinity Ward  announced on Twitter the following:

"We hear you loud and clear! We’ll be doing a playlist update tomorrow night, Thursday, April 16th at 11PM PST that brings BR Trios back to #Warzone."

It is obvious that people liked trios better than traditional quads because it not only made in-game battles more fun, but it also made battles a lot more fair. Call of Duty decided to do something out of the norm by adding trios as a playlist option and that benefited them a great way.

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They have gotten nothing but love and support for their trios game mode. It will be interesting to see if other battle royale games follow suit by making trios a regular playlist in future or even existing battle royale games.