Niantic announces remote use in Pokemon Go for users

Photo: Pokemon GO Key Art; Courtesy Niantic PR
Photo: Pokemon GO Key Art; Courtesy Niantic PR /

Niantic finally announces remote access for Pokemon Go users. Players of the app will have more access to gyms for raids, Pokestops for Daily research and gifts, and much more! The update is revolutionary for the app and gives players more access.

Niantic made an exciting announcement for trainers that play Pokemon Go. Due to the circumstances that the COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to stay inside in quarantine, it has made the time difficult for people to play the popular app. These new challenges that Niantic was put up against are shared obstacles that their users were facing. Niantic was proud to announce that access for the players will now be able to access key areas of the game in a future update. Pokemon Go players will now have regular remote access to gyms, Pokestops, and other key access points as if they were playing outside.

The Remote Raid Pass is a new key item in the game players can use to access gyms in their area. Accessing Raid Battles when Pokemon become available in local raids will be accessible from a distance. If the trainer can see the gym from their location on the map, they will be able to access the gym by using the Remote Raid Pass. Battling the gym to take over for the trainer’s team affiliation will also use the same mechanics with the Pass. These benefits will be substantial for any trainer trying to add more to their collection or build experience with their Pokemon.

The update Niantic also announced for Pokemon Go includes more interaction with the buddy Pokemon. Now, when a trainer is low on supplies like berries or gifts for friends, a trainer’s buddy Pokemon will also be able to move around remotely. Buddy Pokemon can travel to local Pokestops and gyms to gather these items for trainers in case they are not close to any of these destinations. The trainer’s buddy Pokemon will also be a delivery service to send and receive gifts amongst friends. This should truly benefit the friendship with buddy Pokemon and make them stronger and trained more effectively.

Pokemon GO Fest (Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images) /

There are more advantages a trainer using Pokemon Go can use while the application is open. Trainers can now hatch eggs at half the distance necessary to hatch certain Pokemon. Time frames for time-based items have also extended to a full hour per item use from when the time limit was for thirty minutes. Time-based items can also be extended in their timer per each use, so if a trainer wants to extend the time on a lure, they can just use another one without waiting for the time frame to run out. This feature will work for all timed items except for the Mystery Box, which takes more time to respawn with the assistance of Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu or Eevee on the Nintendo Switch.

Training for Pokemon will now be more pampered into maxing out the Combat Power (CP) level. Trainers will now be able to train a Pokemon to the highest maxed out the level that it can get to for CP. This order of training will require attention and feeding many berries to the Pokemon that is being trained. More information on this training will be detailed more thoroughly when the update becomes available for trainers to experiment with.

These new features for Pokemon Go are revolutionary for trainers to take advantage of. With the challenges and obstacles both Niantic and their users were facing during the pandemic crisis, it made enjoying the experience of Pokemon Go to not have the same effect with day-to-day activity. The Remote Raid Pass and the buddy Pokemon moving more freely will be features that should make the experience for users to get back into the swing of things. This will counter the issues that trainers face and possibly bring new players into the world of Pokemon Go!

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