Animal Crossing: 10 characters from the series that we can’t wait to see in New Horizons

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Pelly, Pete and Phyllis

If Reese and Cyrus are the perfect example of love in the Animal Crossing world, Pelly, Pete & Phyllis are the worst. These are three pelicans that work in the Animal Crossing postal service. While Pete delivers the mail, sisters Pelly and Phyllis work inside the post office. Pelly works the day shift, Phyllis the night. Pelly has a crush on Pete, Pete has a crush on Phyllis and Phyllis absolutely does not like Pete.

Forever their role was to allow you to send letters and gifts as well as paying your loan.

Pelly, Pete and Phyllis’ roles in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

I know the postal stuff is all done by the Dodos but the Dodos don’t care about the postal service. When you send stuff they’re kind of surprised that you are and can’t handle it having to completely stop what they’re doing to send your letter. Let us build a new post office, bring the pelicans back and give me that weird relationship drama that they bring.

In addition to the postal service maybe they could serve new functions. It’s obvious Nintendo is going to be adding DLC to Animal Crossing and maybe turning the Post Office into an Amazon parallel could be a clever way to get access to the DLC shop.

Maybe even add a minigame that makes you feel like an Amazon driver where you’ll get a notification on your phone that something needs to be picked up from the post office and dropped off with a villager. The potential is there.