Animal Crossing: 10 characters from the series that we can’t wait to see in New Horizons

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Farley and Serena

Ask anyone who their top 10 Animal Crossing characters are and these two probably wouldn’t be there. Probably not even in a top 30. Many players have no idea who these two even are.

Farley came first, in the older games once you achieved a perfect town, Farley, the strange gnome, would show up by the town fountain and thank you for your work by presenting you with a golden axe. In later games, he was replaced with Serena. Serena, the angelic dog, would also show up by the fountain and ask you a series of questions inspired by the old folktale “The Honest Woodsman” and, if she felt you were being honest, she’s present you with a silver or gold axe.

Why they need to be brought back is simple.

Farley and Serena’s role in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

I remembered these two yesterday when I finally built a fountain on my island and couldn’t stop thinking about them. One of the biggest problems people have with New Horizons is that the tools break down. Tools are a precious commodity and I often find myself holding on to a fishing rod and a ton of customization kits to repair it with just to be safe. Sometimes I’ll just have multiple axes or nets depending on what my goal is for the moment.

Imagine if, now and then, you wondered past your fountain and found one of these two (or both) hanging around in the middle of the night. They could offer you a quest or ask you a series of questions or maybe do a mini-game of some sort and afterwards they’d offer you a tool. Probably not an unbreakable one but maybe something unique. A crystal net that leaves a trail, an axe that makes a funny sound when you cut, a fishing rod that gets the fish’s attention easier. Stuff like that. I’m never going to scoff at getting new tools in Animal Crossing and this would be a delightful way to go about it. Plus it would be fun to show off our weird tools in multiplayer meetup.