Animal Crossing: 10 characters from the series that we can’t wait to see in New Horizons

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Rover and Blanca

I could never tell if these two were friends or relatives or what but they’re usually a weirdly bundled deal in the fact that they both talk about each other often. Rover has always been the character that introduces you to the game while Blanca is some random weirdo that shows up in your town from time to time and…has no face. Over time Blanca became the person who hosted the April Fool’s Day celebration. So you can imagine my surprise when Rover was not that to welcome me into New Horizon and April Fool’s came and went without a single appearance by Blanca.

Rover and Blanca’s roles in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

This one is easy. Give them their jobs back. Rover could be the person on the plane when you’re first making it to the island. Rover could also be in some sudden scenes when you’re going to someone else’s island or using a Nook Ticket. Seeing Rover at the beginning of an Animal Crossing game is like seeing a Goomba in the beginning of a Mario game. It’s just supposed to be there.

As for Blanca, I don’t suggest bringing back the option to draw on its face. If you give people the option to make genitals they’ll make genitals. But maybe give us the option to have access to a ton of silly eyes, mouths and noses? Or heck, it’s weird enough having its face be blank.

Also, bring back the April Fool’s Day event.

The April Fool’s Day event was one of the strangest holiday celebrations. Upon meeting Blanca it would then tell you the rules (she was going to go impersonate one of your villagers) and then she’s disappear and go do it. You’d go house to house until you found someone having an argument with themselves. You’d talk to both of them and, hoping you actually talk to your villagers, you’d guess which one is fake based off their personality and interest. If you guessed correctly you’d get a prize. If you guessed incorrectly you’d just feel awful. Eventually you’d go through all your villagers and you’d get a prize. Bring this back, it’s fun.