Animal Crossing: 10 characters from the series that we can’t wait to see in New Horizons

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Reese and Cyrus

Reese and Cyrus are Animal Crossing‘s major power couple. These blue and pink alpacas constantly make comments worrying that people are making eyes at their significant others. They also served a really cool purpose though other than being a cautionary tale for people who have “joint Facebook accounts”.

They ran an excellent store called “Re-Tail”… because animals.

Reese ran the floor, which functioned like a flea market. You could put things up there that you owned and other villagers or visiting players could buy the items for the prices you set. Cyrus ran a customization section where you could bring him furniture and you could customize it, sort of like you can do yourself in New Horizons.

Reese and Cyrus’ roles in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

You probably think there isn’t much of a call for Re-Tail now that you can build and customize but hear me out. Imagine if a much nicer looking version of Re-Tail opened allowing you to only sold things you built yourself. Reese could tell you what was hot that week. Instead of Nook’s Cranny’s “Hot Item” it could be like “Chairs are needed right now” “People are looking for lights” and if you build them there’s a better chance you could get good money for it.

Likewise, Cyrus still has a lot of useful things he can do. When they add Reese and Cyrus they should add a lot more DIY recipes. Have Cyrus sell them to you and have the inventory of recipes change daily. In addition, he did a cool thing where you could collect gems like diamonds and rubies, bring them to him and he’d make a version of the item you gave him that was made of translucent crystal. Give me that.