Animal Crossing: 10 characters from the series that we can’t wait to see in New Horizons

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Brewster has always been one of my favorite characters in Animal Crossing. I used to run my own coffee shop so maybe I’m a bit biased but oh well. Brewster is a classy pigeon who runs a 24-hour coffee shop called “The Roost”. In the past, Brewster has always had a cold personality until, like Sable, you talk to them until they warm up to you. In the case of Brewster you can even get new types of coffee and things you can add to it.

Brewster hides sugar because he claims there’s only enough for him but will give you some if you’re close. He also offers you pigeon milk but, you know what? Let’s not get into that.

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Brewster’s role in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

So would Brewster bring to the table? Well, tables. Plus the coffee shop around said tables.

The Roost always offered a series of cool things to the game. For one, you can occasionally find other characters like Isabelle having a cup of coffee and you get to witness them talking without fulfilling a role which further flashes out their characters which, if you read my past article, is something the game needs.

In addition, once Brewster learns to trust you he offers you a role in the coffee shop, this can be grown upon, sort of like the amazing Indy game “Coffee Talk” where you learn the sort of things different characters like and make them the correct drinks based off their tastes. Having a simple minigame like this would be a killer addition to the game.

Not only that but Brewster is weirdly obsessed with Gyroids. I hate those noisy nightmares but it could be a way to introduce the mainstays.