Animal Crossing: New Horizons: List of upcoming events

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Festivale – Early in the year (between February and March)

Hosted by the flamboyant peacock, Pavé, Festivale is Animal Crossing‘s take on Mardi Gras and is traditionally an event all about just having fun.

The day brings a ton of fun games to town. Things like rock, paper, scissors and ESP games where you guess what card someone is looking at. It’s just all about having fun and catching brightly colored feathers. The items are way too colorful for my liking but I can see them being popular with a lot of people who aren’t brooding buttheads like me.

It’s the last of the events confirmed for Animal Crossing: New Horizons but there’s a lot of other ones I’m hoping for. That’s an event for another time though, which I think I’m going to start typing now.