Animal Crossing: New Horizons: List of upcoming events

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Harvest Festival – Fourth Thursday of November

I don’t like this one. Sorry, can’t hold that in. When this event hits, you meet Franklin the Turkey. He’s a remarkably unfortunate-looking character who looks way too much like the guy in Robocop who gets splashed with acid. I’m not going to post a picture of it but if you want to go down that Google search, I’m sorry but you’ll never stop thinking about it the next time you see Franklin.

During this event Franklin will be invited to your town. Then, at some point, he realizes that he was invited over to be eaten which… really let’s you know a part of the Animal Crossing world that I’m not entirely comfortable with. He runs away.

You can find him at various parts of the island, hiding behind trees and houses. He’ll ask you for items with the idea that if he cooks a fantastic enough dinner for everyone in town, they’ll want to eat that instead of him. Clearly he’s never been to a Golden Corral.

In later games it became a little less like “The Most Dangerous Game” and a bit more “Iron Chef.” you just need to bring him things with special surprise ingredients and he’d make a dinner for the island.

The items you get from this are the most boring things ever. It’s like the clearance section of a craft store: hay stacks, cornucopia, plastic food replicas, centerpieces. Blarg.