Review: Zombie Army Trilogy on Nintendo Switch is clumsy at best

Rebellion Developments
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After loving the fourth installment in the franchise, we played the Zombie Army Trilogy on Nintendo Switch and it didn’t have the impact we hoped.

Title: Zombie Army Trilogy
Developer: Rebellion Developments
Publisher: Rebellion Developments
Platforms: Nintendo Switch
Release date: March 31st, 2020

You may recall, not that long ago, we reviewed the Zombie Army 4 release on the Xbox One. I was a huge fan and thought the various modes, graphics, controls and the story was a ton of fun. The continuation of the war on zombie Nazis was played like the smoothest of butters and I continue to play the game and I still enjoy it just as much. When the Zombie Army Trilogy hit the switch, I was extremely excited. As someone that has just started getting into the Switch and it’s convenient portability, I was looking forward to going back in video game time to play the previous games. I started to regret my decision quickly.

The Zombie Army Trilogy was developed and published by Rebellion Developments and originally released in 2015. I didn’t expect the graphics or the mechanics to be as good as Zombie Army 4; I mean, it’s a brand new game and so I anticipated having to work harder. I also know that due to the size of the controls on the Switch, the experience wouldn’t be as smooth as one a standard console. I didn’t expect, however, just HOW difficult it would be just to get through it. There was so little control in this and because I haven’t played the Zombie Army Trilogy on any other console, I’m not sure if the game is at fault or the platform.

The muddiness of the game’s graphics are probably a consequence of the time and I get that. The graphics were my least concern for this game. It was the controls that drove me insane. I found that sometimes my character would move normally and then all of a sudden jerk around and my aiming ability went out the window. I crazy and sporadic movements meant that many shots were missed, ammo was wasted and I’d get my character overwhelmed quickly. That is the best equation to get extremely frustrated.

Zombie Army Trilogy - Nintendo Switch
Rebellion Developments /

The title trilogy is a little misleading. With how long the campaign is of Zombie Army 4, you would think the Zombie Army Trilogy would be a pretty large game but all three chapters equal about 12-14 hours of gameplay. While that isn’t a small single game (I mean the Resident Evil 3 remake is only about 8 hours), that’s slightly underwhelming for a trilogy of games and they are played in chapters.

The graphics are really good and even though the colors are muddy, as I said before, and the color scheme kind of all blends together and looks the same, the graphics that are there look good. There’s nothing visually wrong with this game but it’s just too damn difficult to play with the controls how they are. If you are going to play a Sniper Elite game with zombies, stick to Zombie Army 4 for the best experience.

. Zombie Army Trilogy. 5. Even though I had high hopes for the Zombie Army Trilogy on the Nintendo Switch, the controls ultimately ruined it for me, making the game difficult to get through. Although visually pleasing with an interesting story and convenient portability, the controls are too frustrating to be enjoyable.. Rebellion Developments

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