Resident Evil 3 review: A tale of two game experiences

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Resident Evil: Resistance
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Repulsive Multiplayer

Resident Evil: Resistance seems like a lot of fun with friends on paper. Unfortunately, the game is a mess of the asymmetrical multiplayer genre.

Resistance pits a single mastermind against four survivors. The mastermind is tasked with eliminating the survivors or to stall them enough for time to run out. Survivors need to fetch keys and puzzle pieces to escape to the next area. There are a total of three areas before the game is complete.

The mastermind role is certainly the most enjoyable one in Resistance. That is, if you want to wait up to ten or fifteen minutes to find a game. Once I was in a game, spawning zombies, dogs, and mines were enjoyable. I got to watch survivors struggle through the many zombies that stood between them and their objective. My biggest complaint of the mastermind role was the angle of cameras and switching between them. The process is slow and not every camera provides a complete view of the room. In some cases, the camera is obstructed, which can make the task of spawning zombies difficult.

Another problem with the role of mastermind is the stupid NPC zombies I was given. Zombie dogs are the worst, as many of them will run back and forth or get stuck in a corner. This made the surviving team cut through my army like butter. I could spawn my ultimate, which was Mr. X or some other monstrosity, but even then I was slow to move.

Once I did manage to kill a survivor, they would spawn seconds later to join the fight, subsequently making my actions pointless. The only reward I got for killing a survivor is an amount of time removed from the timer. Survivors can keep the time up by killing enemies and progressing the objective.